Friday Night Funkin

FNF Full Week

Play the only friday night funkin popular mod game that you can find on the web. To seduce the girl in the game, you must impress her father with your musical skills. Show him what you can do with your dexterity in handling the keys so that you can perform each song perfectly. Just press enter to begin the game fnf online mod full week and impresses the girl to win her love. Let's see how well you know how to react, wait for the arrows to land on top for a maximum score.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) is a fan-favorite online rhythm game where players help a teenage boy named Boyfriend win over his girlfriend's strict father by competing in singing battles during the week. With full week of levels, players can enjoy even more fun and exciting challenges as they help Boyfriend impress his in-laws with his impressive singing skills and smooth dance moves. Featuring a colorful cast of characters, catchy original songs, and challenging gameplay, Friday Night Funkin' is the ultimate test of rhythm and timing. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, you'll find something to love in FNF's full week of levels. So grab your headphones, get ready to groove, and help Boyfriend win the heart of his girl in Friday Night Funkin'


- press ENTER to begin the game

- use arrow keys when is your turn or "WASD"

- execute the same arrows as the game show